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You can travel Israel in 3 ways: by your own, with a group or with a private tour guide. Preferring private tour guide on the other tour options is better.With western culture, indeed Israel is a modern country. Getting along, should not be too hard in this country. Most people you will meet will speak Basic English, all signs written both in Hebrew and English. Yet, when you are in Israel, prefer a private tour guide.

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Reasons to choose a private tour guide in Israel


An itinerary that will fit your needs is your requirement. With a private tour only you can have this. In a private tour, you can stop and rest on being tired and you can change your plan instantly if you want.

When you visit Israel the guide drives the car, on private tours. He comes with a comfortable car and knows the shortcuts, car parking, handling other Israeli drivers, etc. You have a driver guide on private tour that will handle that easily. Knowing where you are not allowed to drive for safety reasons or for military reasons, is other driving issue that the driver guide can handle avoiding incontinency to you.

Asking questions
Every questions and enquiry of yours is liable to be answered in a private tour. Solely to you and to your questions, the guide will give all his/her attention.

Out of the ordinary sites
The private guide will make you visit all the unique and out of the ordinary sites in Israel taking you absolutely to any place in the country.

BudgetIt's really worth it, if you travel with your family or friends that share the costs. The personal touch and the friendly atmosphere are just wonderful.

Wasting time
You don't want to waste your time waiting for other people, as your time in Israel is valuable. Taking a private tour guide in Israel is the only measure to expand tour site seeing time. You will do it in an easy and tranquil manner, apart from maximizing your time.

Hearing the guide
In such tours you are assured that you won't miss any information. The personal tour guide will walk with you and wait for you on private tours. Only on your convenient time, the guide will start explaining. To block your way or access to the guide, there will be no other people, as he is your personal guide.

Shopping and restaurants
The tour guide can advise you for what should be a reasonable price for something, as he knows where the good shopping places are. Authentic and good non-touristic restaurants that you will not find on your tour book can be attended by you, if you have a private tour guide with you.

When you get to Israel, don't worry about staying connected being able to post all the gorgeous Instagram shots that you will inevitably take. You can order an Israeli SIM card and collect it at the Ben-Gurion Airport when you arrive.

Meeting Israelis
You will have the moment of meeting face to face with Israelis. Touring a country, is not just site seeing, especially a country like Israel. Knowing its people is a very important part of touring Israel. You will be able to sit down and talk to Israelis, understanding their way of life and culture with a private guide.With such hope of visiting a holy land is Israel. It will be really a great experience for you and for your family. It is place that witnesses a vast amount of history, culture and tradition that receives lots of appreciation. What make it more interesting are its surroundings. You will have a ton of delightful activities to do. The journey to Israel will make you remember it life time. While you can enjoy the self-planned tour, but a tour booked through a well-recognized tour company guarantees you of an awesome journey, and you will be able to see the hidden treasures of this particular land.